Geodesical Converter for GTK

"Mimee, why did you disappear from the ship ?
 Because you, as the navigator, did not return,
my friends are in trouble."
(Leiji Matsumoto)

    Mimee is a Gtk program which can convert geographical coordinates between various datums and formats. Coordinates formats supported are :


    To run Mimee, the libgtk and libglade packages (2.0 or above) have to be installed on your system. If you wish to compile Mimee, the "dev" versions of these packages will be needed.

    Extract the package into your home directory. A mimee folder will be created, containing 3 sub-directories :
    Go inside the bin directory and launch the "mimee" executable file. If it doesn't want to be launched, check the properties of the file (usually by right-click on it with your file manager) and mark it as executable. If it start but fails immediatly, open a terminal window inside bin directory, and run it by typing :

        $ ./mimee

    You will see some error messages telling what is wrong. Usually it shoud be some missing library packages. Once installed, Mimee should work fine.

    If you absolutely can't launch the executable, you will probably need to compile the sources. Open a terminal window inside the src directory and type :

        $ ./make

    A new executable binary file will be created and copied into the bin directory. If make fails, read the messages inside the terminal. Usually it is because it lacks you some library dev packages, that you will have to install from your distribution repositories.


1- Quick start :
    - Select input (system1) and output (system2) grid and datum with scrolling lists
    - Enter input coordinates in system 1 column. Type the return key to go to the next field
    - If UTM grid is selected, enter UTM zone number and choose N or S (North or South)
    - Click 'Run' button.
    - 'Clear' button clears all fields.

2- Fields definition :
    - E : East plane coordinate or Longitude or X geocentric coordinate
    - N : North plane coordinate or Latitude or Y geocentric coordinate
    - he : ellipsoidal height or Z geocentric coordinate
    - UTM : UTM zone number (appears only if UTM grid is selected).

3- Input and output coordinates format :
    - West longitude and South latitude must be negative
    - Degrees and decimal Minutes : DD.MMmmm
        18°06.356' is written 18.06356
    - Degrees-Minutes-secondes : DD.MMSSsss
        18°06'03.356" is written 18.0603356

4- UTM Lock :
    It is possible to force the result to be calculated in a given UTM zone. This could be useful when you are located near the border between two zones. To do this enter the chosen zone number in System 2 UTM field, then check the 'lock' box.


Load favorites : load datums and grids formerly saved with "Save Favorites" icon
Save favorites : save the current datum and grid selection
Top of Lists : display the first items of scrolling lists (WGS 84 and D.dddd)
Copy to Left : move result to System 1 column and invert system 1 and 2
Info : basic informations.
"A" : here you can choose the number of digit to be diplayed after the decimal point. "A" stands for Automatic : 8 digits for geographic coordinates and 3 digits for other.


    Databases are text files. Datums.txt contains the datums parameters, and Grilles.txt the grids or projections parameters. It is possible to delete, edit or add grids and datum. Parameters are separated with commas (,).

    Grilles.txt parameters :

All angles are in degrees

1 : Name
2 : Type - the following types are currently supported :
. Tranverse Mercator (TM).
. Conic (CO)
. Oblique Mercator (OM)
. Grads (GR)

3 : Lon0 - longitude of origin
4 : Lat0 - latitude of origin
5 : k0 - scale factor
6 : E0 - East plane coordinate at origin (meters)
7 : N0 - North plane coordinate at origin (meters)
8 : p1 :
- CO : 1st standard parallel
- OM : azimuth of the center line passing through the centre of projection
9 : p2 :
- CO : 2nd standard parallel
- OM : rectified bearing of the center line (usually p1=p2)

10 : p3 :
- CO : correction on spherical longitude (rarely used)
- OM :
1 : Hotine Oblique Mercator
2 : Standard Oblique Mercator

    Datums.txt parameters :
- datums transformation parameter signs are local to WGS 84.
- angles are in radians, distances in meters

1 : Name
2 : a - semi major axis of the ellipsoïd
3 : 1/f - inverse of the flattening of the ellipsoïd
4,5,6 : dX,dY,dZ - translation in X, Y, Z
7 : D - scale factor
8,9,10 : rX,rY,rZ - rotations around X, Y, Z axis.


- This program is experimental and is not intended for professionnal use. The use of this program  and of the results given is under the sole responsability of the user.

- Datum shift computation is made with a simplified 7-parameters Helmert transformation. When rotation angles are higher or equal to 1E-4 radians, transformation will no longer be reversible.



    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
See the GNU General Public License for more details.
    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301  USA.

Pierre Brial
St-Gilles-les-Hauts, 21 march 2023