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that could be used as marine chronometer

Citizen Chronomaster

This is a list of recent models, available in 2005 and after. This list excludes GPS and radio-controlled watches, which cannot retain their accuracy in an autonomous way.
Prices are from manufacturer (except for Mühle and Kriëger). Retail prices could be less.
If not otherwise noted, accuracies are from manufacturer specifications. I have limited the list to watches which claim an accuracy within COSC 2001 standard for quartz watch, that is +/-0.07 s/day or 25 s/year.
Thanks to Bruce Reding for informations and the way he shares his watch enthusiasm.
Thanks to Ppaulusz for informations about ETA movements.
The best starting point to learn about high end quartz watch is this excellent article from Bruce Reding and George Palasti, which also lists past and current models.
WatchUSeek's High End Quartz forum is an interesting place to meet high accuracy watch enthusiasts.

5 s/year :

Citizen Chronomaster "The Citizen" : classical design with perpetual calendar. Caliber A660. 32768 Hz quartz, thermocompensated ? 1 150 - 4 500 €
« To my mind, though, it's distilled essence of watch. A pure, classic design. Very focused on functionality. Not out to impress. Not trendy. Nothing there that doesn't need to be there. And, perhaps paradoxically, very elegant to me because of this.»  Bruce Reding

10 s/year :

Citizen "The Exceed" : classical design. 940 - 1 550 €

Longines Flagship VHP : classical design with perpetual calendar. Caliber L546 (ETA Thermoline movement 252.611). A very interesting WatchUSeek thread about this watch.

Piquot Meridien Octantis : Marine Chronometercertified by the Besançon National Observatory in France. Perpetual calendar. ETA Thermoline movement. 1 185 - 1 738 €

Seiko "Grand Seiko" : classical design. 32768 Hz thermocompensated quartz. 1 150 - 3 700 €

Seiko Dolce & Exceline : women and men assorted watches. Not all models of this line have the 10s/y accuracy. 390 - 900 €

15 s/year :

Breitling SuperQuartz : Aerospace, B-1, and Colt models. As far as I know, no official accuracy claim from Breitling, but their chinese representative gives an accuracy of 15 s/year. This value seems conservative, as these watches use an ETA Thermoline movement, which is said to be rated at +/-0.02 second per day (less than 10 s/year).

20 s/year :

Mühle Marine Chronometer : Desk marine chronometer actually built by Hanseatic Instruments. 4.19 Mhz quartz, temperature stabilized. Here is a picture of the test certificate which comes with the clock. The manufacturer claims an accuracy of 0.01 s/day (3.65 s/year), but my model loses 16 s/year (+/-1s). Nevertheless it could be adjusted without opening the case with an oscilloscope and a small screwdriver. 2000 €

Omega Constellation Perpetual Calendar : thermocompensated quartz, caliber 1680 (ETA Thermoline movement 252.511).

Seiko Brightz Chronograph : Caliber 7J21. 700 - 900 €

Seiko Spirit : classical design with perpetual calendar. Models SBQLxxx & SBQKxxx. Caliber 8F32 & 8F33, 196 608 Hz quartz

Seiko Brightz SAGM007 & 009. classical design with perpetual calendar. Caliber 8F32. 600 - 780 €

Seiko Diver Scuba 200 m : diver watch with perpetual calendar, from Prospex line (Sport watches). Models SBCMxxx. Caliber 8F35, 196 608 Hz quartz. 200 - 230 €

Seiko Alpinist : perpetual calendar and 24 h hand, from Prospex line. Caliber 8F56, 196 608 Hz quartz. 300 - 350 €

25 s/year :

Kriëger Tidal Chronometer : 200 m water resistant watch which gives moon phases and tides. The manufacturer didn't give its accuracy but it is COSC certified. 900 - 1000 €

?? s/year :

Sjoo Sandstrom : another mistery watch